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Q: How Long Should A Roof Last?

A : On Average across the nation, roof lasts 20-25 years.  However, we live in Alabama, which has many more weather variables than most states across the country.  With the hot and humid climate, along with two severe weather seasons (spring & fall), an average roof last 15-18 years in Alabama.  For more information on when you should replace your roof check out our blog "When Should You Replace Your Roof".

Q: Do 30 Year Shingles Really Last 30 Years?

A : As you can see from the answer above, Alabama weather is a major driver in the longevity of roofs.  Most roofs in Alabama last 15-18 years, but with mild weather in other locations a roof can last 25-30 years.  We go more in depth on our blog "How Long Does The Average Roof Last In Alabama?"

Q: What Time Of Year Is Best To Replace A Roof?

A : No matter where you are in the U.S., fall is the go-to season for a roof replacement.  The mild temperatures are ideal for roof replacements. Spring and summer in Alabama are consistently hot with winter being chilly.  However, roof replacements in Alabama occur virtually any time of the year.  You do want to stay away from installs during extreme cold and extreme hot temperature days.  Check out our blog for more details on "When to Install Roofing".

Q: Why Do Roofers Have A Bad Reputation?

A : There are multiple reasons behind roofing companies having a bad reputation.  First and foremost is poor customer service. Homeowners, after a job is completed, simply are just not satisfied with the roof replacement.  "Some" roofers will also ask for an up front down payment, then never complete the work.  We hear of this a lot from customers past bad experience with not only roofers, but contractors in general.  The last point to be made is "some" roofers call in storm claims that actually don't need to be filed.  They are just hoping for insurance to pay for a roof that doesn't actually need to be replaced.  This is a HUGE issue in the insurance world and does actually play a role in driving your insurance premiums up each year.

Q: How To Negotiate The Price Of A New Roof?

A : Negotiations vary from roof to roof.  Let me say this clearly...You are not replacing hanging ferns on your front porch.  You are removing a roof and installing a new roof.  This is a MAJOR renovation to the place you have your family under.  If you are looking for lowest bid, then you get what you pay for.  And if you think the highest bid is expensive, try paying for your roof twice!  Here's my best advice about roof negotiations.  Do your homework on a couple of roofing companies.  Call and ask them to come give you an estimate on your roof. Whichever salesperson you feel most comfortable will do the job properly, ask them this..."Thank you for putting time, energy, money, and effort into this for me.  Your bid is higher than I anticipated.  Is there any way for you to get closer to my number of what I was thinking at $xx,xxx?  Most roofers will appreciate that and gladly work toward making both parties happy.










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