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Does My Roof Qualify for a GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty?

Updated: May 26

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Roof installation, repairs, and replacements are very expensive. Thankfully, GAF roofing materials are known for offering great value for the price. If you want even more protection, consider getting products backed by a warranty. GAF offers comprehensive warranties, some of which will last you a lifetime. 

These warranties protect a homeowner against poor workmanship defective products and algae among other things. A warranty also defines the confidence of a contractor or manufacturer in their products and services. However, not all roofs qualify for these warranties.

This article will examine your roof's eligibility for GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Why Should You Have a GAF Lifetime Ltd Warranty

Having GAF roofing installed in your home is a very smart investment. This is because you're guaranteed protection from harsh weather and other outside climates. At the same time, you'll save time and money in case of any roof installation or manufacturing issues. 

Many times, these defects are not seen right away. Therefore, this warranty protects you for years after the initial installation. Repairing your roof can be expensive, but with the warranty, you're cushioned against such expenses. The warranty saves you money and time, making it essential for homeowners. Search for "roofers near me" and make sure on their website that they are GAF Master Elite contractors.

Eligibility Requirements for GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty is a great deal for all, but it also comes with eligibility requirements. These include the following:

Install Required Products

To ensure compliance, use GAF Asphaltic Roofing Shingles with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and a minimum of three qualifying GAF Accessory Products. These products include; GAF Ridge Cap Shingles, GAF Starter Strip Shingles, and GAF Roof Deck Protection, among others. However, the warranty doesn't cover your roof against high wind if you don't have the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty. 

To be eligible for coverage under the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty, the following installation requirements must be met:

  • Install GAF LayerLock-labeled Asphaltic Roofing Shingles.

  • Use a minimum of four (4) qualifying GAF Accessory Products, which include GAF Roof Deck Protection Product, GAF Starter Strip Shingles, and GAF Ridge Cap Shingles.

  • Choose either a GAF Leak Barrier Product or a GAF Attic Ventilation Product.


To be eligible for this Limited Warranty, it is necessary to keep a valid proof of purchase. The document should indicate the installation date of the GAF Asphaltic Roofing materials and the qualifying products. If you are ineligible for Limited Warranty, your GAF roofing will be covered by GAF Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty. This warranty is in effect when the installation occurs.

Transferability of GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

Apart from the above-listed eligibility requirements, this cover will only be active if you live in Canada or the United States. You should also be the original property owner, not an installer or a builder. If you bought the property from the original owner, they should ensure they properly transfer the warranty. 

GAF should receive notification from the second owner within one year of the property transfer for the second transfer to occur. The subsequent owner will receive identical coverage if the transfer is done during the Smart Choice® Protection Period. If it occurs after this period, the warranty will be limited to two years from the date of ownership transfer.

Limitations of the Lifetime Limited Coverage

Lifetime coverage means the warranty is active as long as you (the initial owner) or the second owner own the property. For you to qualify for the Lifetime Warranty, the GAF Roofing Systems must have been fitted on single-family detached residences. The residence must also be owned by an individual, not a corporation or government entity. 

Religious entities, government entities, condominiums, or corporations are covered for 40 years if they apply for the GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty. GAF reserves the right to decide on the extent of re-cover, repair, and cleaning required. They also reserve the right to modify or discontinue their shingles or accessories, which include colors available. This means you might receive replacement products that don't match your initial product.

The GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty stands out as one of the most exceptional roof warranties available in the market today. Unlike many other warranties, it extends beyond the roof shingles to encompass the entire roofing system. By selecting Idea Roofing, you're guaranteed of a GAF warranty eligibility and gain from their expertise in GAF products.

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