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Are GAF Shingles Impact-Resistant?

When it comes to superior roof protection, nothing beats impact-resistant shingles. Impact-resistant shingles are specifically engineered to withstand hailstorms. Typically, all shingles are impact-resistant in some way. However, only the best shingles on the market that have a high rating are officially called impact-resistant shingles. From a performance standpoint, impact-resistant shingles are tough, but they're not completely invulnerable to hail damage. If large chucks of hail collide on a roof at a very high velocity, the shingles will eventually crack. High-impact shingles serve one important purpose. They're designed to reduce the effects of hail damage.

Weighing the Options for Impact-Resistant Shingles

GAF makes a variety of impact-resistant shingles. Before these products are marketed to consumers, they are given a rating. The scale has four levels, and four is the best rating. The ratings were developed by the UL; they're the industry standard. If you're looking for premium impact-resistant shingles by GAF, Timberline AS II shingles are a solid choice. However, if you're going to base your decision according to the UL's ratings, never settle for any product that has a rating that's less than three.

The Benefits of Impact-Resistant Shingles

There are a few reasons why impact-resistant shingles are a great value. For starters, they can handle different forms of extreme weather. If you're concerned about hurricanes, class 4 shingles can hold up quite well in most conditions. It all depends on the strength of the storm. On average, the majority of class 4 shingles on the market can withstand 130-mph winds. High winds at this velocity are often associated with a category four hurricane. Impact-resistant shingles can also prevent foundational damage. Without this type of protection, a roof will be more vulnerable to leaks that can result from hail damage. Finally, impact-resistant shingles can provide substantial insurance perks. According to industry experts, most insurance companies will reward discounts to homeowners who upgrade their shingles to impact-resistant shingles. The rewards are even greater for homeowners who reside in hail zones. On average, they could save five to 35 percent on their insurance premium.

The Formula for Success

A GAF provides complete roofing systems. The shingles are of great value on their own, but they're not the only part of the system. A GAF system has multiple components, and they all play important roles. The main attractions are the shingles. In GAF's lineup, there are three types of shingles to choose from, and they're all built to last. The company's flagship products are the Timberline shingles. They're often called laminated shingles. Unlike most varieties, these shingles have multiple layers that are fused together. The layered design provides strength, and it gives the shingles a multidimensional effect that stands out. Next up is the company's take on luxury shingles. All shingles in this category are known as Designer shingles. They also have layers that present a multidimensional look. The final products in the lineup are the 3-Tab shingles. These shingles are the least expensive; they're made of asphalt. All of these shingles can withstand the elements, but they can be even better. This is why GAF's line of roofing accessories exists. These products are essential as they're designed to enhance a GAF roofing system.

Leak Barriers

One of the best products you can buy for any roofing system is a leak barrier. GAF offers film-surface leak barriers and mineral-surface leak barriers. The film-surface variety works well on asphalt shingles. As for a mineral-surface leak barrier, it's also fit for asphalt shingles; it can provide superior protection against water and ice.

Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles

These accessories give GAF shingles an extra layer of protection against leaks. There are two options for GAF hip and ridge caps. The company makes a standard cap and a premium cap. Both products are designed to fit on the corner of a roofing system.

Roof Deck Protection

Although GAF shingles are tough, the team at GAF always strives for superior results. This is why the company has a line of roof protection products. These products are all about deck defense, and they're easy to apply. In this line, there are a few products to choose from. The first solution is a fiberglass-reinforced application. It strengthens the underlayment for asphalt shingle. The next product makes asphalts shingles ever stronger. It's a fire-resistant solution, but it can also provide a strong layer of protection against wind and water damage. In addition to these items, GAF also has a line of synthetic products.

How to Install GAF Impact-Resistant Shingles

If you'd like to upgrade your roof with impact-resistant shingles, we can assist you. Just schedule an appointment with our crew. To get started, visit

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